About Us

Founded in 1983, the Auckland Roleplaying Guild (formerly the AMERICA Club) is one of the longest-running clubs at the University of Auckland. We meet every Tuesday and Wednesday night in the Humanities building (206) at the University of Auckland, 6:30 – 10 pm – check out club nights for specifics.

The Auckland Roleplaying Guild runs three Wednesday orientation nights at the start of the first semester. Orientation Night gives a taste of what tabletop and roleplay games have to offer, featuring simple and quick to play sessions that anyone can join in on.

Throughout the year, we put on three big weekend event tournaments:

  • PrezCon – first semester break in April. A fun weekend of casual roleplaying games, board gaming and an introduction newbie friendly LARP.
  • The AMERICA’s Cup– mid semester break in July. A tournament is run alongside relaxed and informal gaming (including systemless games and fun quirky scenarios) where new and old gamemasters can get together.
  • From the Vaults– second semester break in September. A weekend of casual roleplaying and board gaming. A chance to get some last gaming in before assignments, study and exams take up all our time.

The Auckland Roleplaying Guild is also associated with the NZ Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) community and is keen to get new players hooked.

Affiliated Clubs, Live Action Roleplays, and more

The Auckland Roleplaying Guild is not a standalone club in the world of awesome gaming, geekery and good things. We have friends.

Affiliated / Associated Clubs


Battlecry is a yearly wargaming event by the Auckland Roleplaying Guild that's hosted by Battlecry LTD.


The New Zealand Live Action Roleplay Society are responsible for promoting Live Action Roleplay in New Zealand. Among their projects, Live Action Monthly games, Weekend games, and the Chimera Convention. Ideally, you should pop along to Diatribe, the forums for LARP and LARPers or check out their FB.