Room Booking

How to book Uni rooms 101 (not the AUSA building ones)

  1. Work out which rooms you want to hire. Each room has a bunch of code numbers on their door.
  2. Email the LTMU Event Coordinator (Kirsten Reidt) on [email protected] at least 2 weeks before the event.
  3. The email needs to include: i) what club the bookings are for ii) who you are and what position you hold on the committee iii) date, time and room numbers you want to book, and any extra details like entrances you want to use.example: Hi, I’m Karen Dransfield, VP for America: Auckland University Roleplaying Group. I’d like to book 3 rooms in the Architecture building for our club please. Date: Saturday 6th May 2006 Times: 6pm to 10:30pm Rooms: ALR4, ALR3, ALR2 Could we please have just the outside sliding doors, on the same floor as the rooms, opened as the main entranceway please? Could this be mentioned to the security people please? Thanks.
  4. Wait for a reply. If there are no problems, you will get a standard letter with a subject heading that looks like this: R25: AMERICA – ROLEPLAYING GROUP [2006-AACHZP] – A standard email letter with details for contacting security with code numbers etc. – An attached html file which has the specifics of the room bookings.
  5. Forward the whole standard email letter, and the attached file to the organiser/s of the event. In the case of Rowena’s Larp game, please send a copy to Rowena and Karen.
  6. After the event, if there were any issues (security not turning up, mess, people in the building who shouldn’t be) then email the LTMU Event Coordinator and let them know.