Card and Board Gaming - Wednesday

The most important thing to know about Card and Board Gaming in AMERICA is that as of this year, we have an exciting new night set aside with a room booked to Card/Board game.

Wednesday Nights, 7.00-10.00,
Lower Common Room (Overlooking the Quad)

We have a dedicated turn out, but are always looking for new people. There are a lot of different things going on, so just show up, hang out, and have fun.

  • Magic
  • VS System
  • Jyhad/ Vampire
  • L5R

The second most important thing is that we’re going to try to do more to promote card gaming!

There are plans to run more events involving competitive card gaming – not projected to be completely independent yet, but there is a lot of potential. So if you are at all interested, show up, tell us what you want, and it might just happen!

Peasant League

Last year’s “Auckland University Peasant League” will be reborn this year, possibly in another form. Originally concepted as a way to get more Magic played at University, it worked amazingly well. I intend to follow this up with another, equally interesting new format… but we need YOU, to tell us what you want.

Get Involved!