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The Auckland Roleplaying Guild is not a standalone club in the world of awesome gaming, geekery and good things. We have friends.

Affiliated/Associated Clubs


The New Zealand Live Action Roleplay Society are responsible for promoting Live Action Roleplay in New Zealand. Among their projects, Live Action Monthly games, Weekend games, and the Chimera Convention. Ideally, you should pop along to Diatribe, the forums for LARP and LARPers or check out their FB.

Live Action Roleplays (LARPs)

Monthly LARPs

The Phoenix Rising

In contemporary World of Darkness Auckland, kindred of the Camarilla meet under their Prince in a city brimming with hostile elements. For some, this community at the edge of nowhere is a punishment, for some an assignment and for others an opportunity, but for all it is a risk. Can the kindred rise above the array of foes which beset them, or will they be brought low by politics and infighting?

New or experienced players are welcome to join Auckland’s longest running monthly LARP. No previous system experience is required, though an idea of the setting is useful. Games run on the 2nd Saturday of every month. There is no charge, though a donation to cover venue hire is appreciated. Email Chris [email protected] or Kirsten [email protected] for details.

Bigger LARP Projects


Chimera is the Auckland LARP convention, a larptastic event running dozens of games allowing you to try out a bunch of genres. The convention brings in attendees from Auckland, all corners of New Zealand, and even overseas! Check out the website for more: Chimera.